The Route 1 Corridor stretches from Kennett Township to West Nottingham Township and includes 12 municipalities and 4 school districts. The initiative aims to promote a region that provides jobs, expands it tax base and invests in business districts. The aim is also to attract commerce and development while protecting the region’s agricultural and landscape.

The Chester County Commercial Industrial Investment Council (CII Council) is an organization of industrial real estate in Chester County. The CII Council works closely with the Chester County Economic Development Council.

The Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) promotes a competitive edge for existing and new businesses by providing proven financial solutions; cultivating workforce talent; leveraging business partnerships; and fostering entrepreneurial collaboration. CCEDC services aim to improve the business community and enhance the quality of life in Chester County and the region.

The Lancaster County Commercial and Industrial Council provides real estate and affiliated professionals with educational and networking opportunities through the exchange of information, cooperation, and business relationships, while promoting business and their professions within Lancaster County.

The Parkesburg Area Business Association works to promote Parkesburg area businesses and the Parkesburg Community.

Legal counsel is recommended for land use projects, such as shopping centers, office buildings, apartment buildings, industrial warehouses and facilities, hotels, housing developments, condominium developments and conversions, apartments, and mixed-use developments. Other areas for consult include land acquisition, zoning, subdivision, land use, condemnation, eminent domain, environmental condition, and interpretation of land use regulations.